‘Tis the season for Iowans to stuff their faces — at big family dinners, office parties and neighborhood gatherings — and our pets are also feasting during the holidays. Carrie Libera, a spokeswoman for the Humane Society, says Iowans should try to avoid tossing their table scraps to their dogs and cats.

“Turkey skin, fat trimmings or gravy is really bad for them,” Libera says. “Turkey bones can break and splinter and cause problems in their digestive system. You should not feed your pets onions, grapes, raisins.”

We hear plenty every year about people who pack on extra holiday weight, but she says it can quickly become a health threat for a pet to gain a few pounds.

Libera says, “It’s a really serious issue so you do want to think twice about giving your pets too many special holiday treats because it can lead to a lifetime of problems.”

She says limiting human food treats and walking pets, even in the cold weather, will help prevent the animal from gaining any holiday pounds.