Two Iowans will be represented on a float in this year’s Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, that recognizes organ and tissue donors.

Iowa Donor Network spokesman Paul Sodders says the two will be depicted in a florograph — a photograph that is recreated using flowers and it will be on the float. The two men featured in the florograph are Brian Gleason who was from Dubuque and Jermiah Dosser of Osage.

Both were in their 20’s and died in car accidents and their families donated their organs after they died. Dosser was a tissue and eye donor, and Gleason was a tissue, organ and eye donor. Dosser was 24 when he died, and Gleason was 25. 

Sodders says the Rose Parade float highlights many people who have donated as it’s a great opportunity to have an international audience and spread the message about how easy it is to register to donate and the life they can give other people through their donations. 

Sodders encourages everyone to consider registering to donate their organs. You can go to, or put yes on your driver’s license and that will register you to donate.

Dosser was on his way to work on March 22, 2007 when he was hit and killed by a pick-up truck that ran a red light. His parents, Rick and Jody, pushed for a new law that created stiffer penalties for drivers who run red lights and unintentionally hurt or kill someone. Jody Dosser will ride on the “Donate Life 2011” Rose Parade float that includes her son’s floragraph.

Gleason died following an accident on icy roads in 2008.  His parents will be in California to view the parade and float.