A new state audit of the state’s Alcoholic Beverages Division finds a few discrepancies, but nothing like what was found in an audit of the agency that identified millions of dollars worth questionable spending. 

The former administrator of the Alcoholic Beverages Division approved spending tens of thousands of dollars on remodeling projects, and audits revealed other significant problems with bookkeeping and staff promotion in the agency. The agency’s new administrator asked for a new examination by the state auditor’s office.

The new audit concludes the system for reporting broken liquor bottles needs to be improved, but found in a two-month period there were only three bottles could not be properly traced in a “breakage report.” The value of the lost liquor was less than $42.

The audit also identified problems in the system for tracking shipments out the warehouse, as well as problems in the way overtime is managed for warehouse workers and truck drivers, but notes the new administrator was already making changes there, too. 

Former Alcoholic Beverages Division administrator Lynn Walding was not fired, but Governor Culver did not reappoint him when Walding’s term as administrator expired.  Walding now works for the world’s leading liquor, wine and beer company which owns brands like Baileys, Smirnoff, Johnny Walker, Captain Morgan and Jose Cuervo.  While he worked the state Walding approved buying leather chairs, expensive artwork, high-definition TVs and a camper for the state’s liquor warehouse.