Foggy skies have grounded some flights at the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids. The airport saw several delays and cancellations Wednesday and officials are predicting more problems over the next couple of days. Spokeswoman Pam Hinman says the foggy weather comes at an especially bad time.

“I expect more canceled flights because all airports were affected by cancellations and delays from the storm in the northeast,” Hinman said. “the airlines were already a little behind and now they’ll have to scramble to find places for people to get back to where they’re going.”

Hinman says some passengers whose flights were canceled Wednesday will not be able to get out of the city until Friday. “Fog is absolutely, to me, the worst enemy of an airport,” Hinman said. “You can shovel snow and treat runways if there’s ice. But with fog, there’s nothing you can do but wait it out.”

Airport staff in Des Moines and the Quad Cities say they’ve had a few delays or cancellations this morning, but most flight are running on schedule.