As you take down the old calendar and put up a new one for the new year, it’s a good time to set aside important papers you’re going to need in a few months to file your taxes. I.R.S. spokesman Christopher Miller says it’s a good idea to keep track of the papers through the year, but if you didn’t, take some time and find them now.

Miller says they always remind taxpayers to collect their records to prepare for the 1010 filing. And he says it’s a good time to check your withholding to be sure it’s set for your situation. Miller says review any changes in your life and how they may impact your financial situation.

He says you may have multiple jobs, or may’ve gotten married or divorced, and you should review your withholding to be sure you are having the proper amount taken out. Miller says if you made any last-minute donations, be sure to put the information in a place where you can find it.

Miller says keep your receipts and all paperwork so you can use it when it comes time to file your taxes. You can find out more about withholding, and other tax issues on-line at: