Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller is suing Callaway Farms for water pollution and manure management violations at the Callaway swine finishing operations in Hamilton County near Radcliffe. The lawsuit filed last Thursday on behalf of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources alleges that from August 24th through 27th of 2009, Callaway Farms failed to retain hog manure which illegally discharged into the New York Branch of Tipton Creek.

The manure released caused discoloration of the stream water, a strong manure odor, scum and toxic conditions resulting in a fish kill. The fish kill was observed by a researcher with St. Cloud State University, who was conducting a stream study during the pollution event. The petition further alleges that Callaway Farms failed to timely notify the D.N.R. of the release.

Miller said the state seeks the assessment of civil penalties and an injunction against further violations. Callaway Farms was previously the subject of an administrative order issued by the D.N.R. in 1996 for manure application resulting in the killing of more than 46,000 fish in Tipton Creek.

By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City