Iowa’s new gun permit law has raised a lot of questions, but one thing is certain, law officers will still not allow you to bring a gun on the campuses of the three state universities. The law that changed with the start of the new year now requires county sheriffs to issue gun permits to anyone who is not banned from ownership by state or federal law.

It’s believed that will increase the number of people who carry guns. University of Iowa Public Safety Director, Chuck Green, says they have checked with the lawyer for the Board of Regents and things will stay the same at Iowa, Iowa State, and Northern Iowa.

He says the policy will not change, and they will not allow weapons on university property. Green says the rule applies not only to faculty, staff, and students, but also to visitors.

Green says he doesn’t anticipate any changes in the way they will handle the new law. Green says they will probably address the questions as they come up instead of trying to put up signs or sent anything out to the public. The rule applies to the campuses in Iowa City, Ames and Cedar Falls and Green says it falls under the power given to the Regents to “manage and control the property, both real and personal, belonging to the institutions”.