An Iowa City woman is facing a charge of child endangerment after police say she failed to stop her 15-year-old daughter from sexually abusing her six-year-old daughter. The older daughter, who’s been charged with second-degree sex abuse, was sharing pictures and video of the activity on the Internet.

Iowa City Police spokesperson Sergeant Denise Brotherton says the six-year-old victim told her mother what was happening, but the mother allowed the acts to continue and didn’t take action.

“You’re expected to protect that child and not allow the people who victimized them access to them,” Brotherton said. “Once it comes to your attention, you’re expected to take action and keep your children safe.” The girls have been separated and are both getting professional attention.

“What makes this (case) so different, and what we haven’t necessarily had in the past, is the web cam and the showing of images to her ex-boyfriends or boyfriend,” Brotherton said. The alleged abuse took place in the 46-year-old mother’s apartment on the southeast side of Iowa City. Police say the father of the girls is in prison on a meth conviction.

By Mark Carlson, KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids