Governor Terry Branstad has wasted no time in acting on two issues he spoke about in his campaign. Just hours after he took office, Branstad a Republican, rescinded two executive orders put in place by his predecessors. Branstad rescinded an executive order signed by Democrat Governor Chet Culver in February of this year requiring “Project Labor Agreements” for large state-funded projects.

Governor Branstad’s recision says the order had impacted the essence and the spirit of the competitive bidding process for state funded projects an and infringed upon Iowa’s Right to Work law. His order says Project Labor Agreements have increased the costs of public works projects, chilled the competitive bidding environment for public works projects, and thereby caused detriment to the Iowa taxpayer.

Branstad also rescinded an executive order signed on July fourth of 2005 by then Democrat Governor Tom Vilsack that automatically restored the voting rights to felons who had completed their time in prison. Branstad’s recision order said offenders ought to fulfill their financial obligations to pay court costs and fines before getting back the right to vote.

It says the process of paying restitution can serve as an incentive to felons to pay their court costs and fines to get back their voting rights.