The chief justice of the Iowa Supreme Court says he is “absolutely not” going to resign. Chief Justice Mark Cady was asked during an interview with The Cedar Rapids Gazette editorial board if he and the other three justices who remain on the court had considered resigning after the court’s other three justices were voted off the court in the November retention election.

Bob Vander Plaats was chairman of the campaign to oust the three justices and he’s been calling upon the justices to resign since November. Vander Plaats isn’t ready to endorse the efforts of three rookie Republicans in the legislature who want to impeach Cady and the other four justices.. 

“I don’t know if I’m ready to comment on what the next step is going to be,” Vander Plaats told reporters this afternoon. “But I’m sure we’ll alert you when we know what that next step is.”

Vander Plaats is now C.E.O. of The FAMiLY Leader, an umbrella organization that includes the Iowa Family Policy Center. Chief Justice Cady has agreed to meet with Chuck Hurley, the president of the Iowa Family Policy Center, before the end of the month. Hurley has said he plans to ask Cady to resign.