Two new lottery games are on the market that will raise money to support Iowa veterans and their families. One is an instant-scratch game called “Give Me $20,” while the other is a pull-tab game called “American Pride.” Both games include the Iowa Veterans Trust Fund logo and sell for $1.

Iowa Lottery spokesperson Mary Neubauer says sales of lottery games to benefit the Iowa Veterans Trust Fund began in July 2008. “When the project was initially discussed, the Iowa Lottery had estimated at the time that we’d be able to raise between $2 million and $3 million annually for the Iowa Veterans Trust Fund. We remain remain right on target for a third year to do exactly that,” Neubauer said.

Midway through the third year of the program, Neubauer says the lottery games have raised nearly $7 million for the Iowa Veterans Trust Fund. “That money is going to help folks with everything from family to individual counseling, job training, tuition reimbursement, emergency housing assistance…there are all sorts of things that veterans can receive assistance with from the Veterans Trust Fund,” Neubauer said.

 “The public is very supportive of this cause. They know exactly where the money is going and who it’s helping.” To learn more about the Veterans Trust Fund, visit