The Harlan High School student council worked together to provide a special send off for their superintendent Justin Wagner Tuesday before Wagner goes back to active duty for the 185th Air Wing in Sioux City. The event included several presentations and a video created by the student body.

Wagner says it was tough being singled out. Wagner says he felt honored and humbled to by the student recognition. He says he normally has no problem talking to people about the school, but being the focus of attention made him break out in sweats and while he was honored, says it felt awkward.

Every elementary school also held some type of event for Wagner. cWagner says they presented the colors and had a slide show and he spoke. He says he appreciated having the teachers interrupt their day for him, and is “very humbled by that.” Wagner says he pointed out the veterans who presented the colors at the school and hopes the students will recognized their sacrifice.

Wagner has been the superintendent in the Harlan School District for four years. Wagner is expected to return home in the fall.

By Joel McCall, KNOD, Harlan