Cedar Rapids police say over 30 animals, mostly dogs, were seized at a southeast side residence after they executed a search warrant on the suspicion that animals were being kept in unhealthy conditions. The animals were taken to the Cedar Rapids Animal Shelter, where Diane Webber is the program manager.

Webber says there were 32 dogs, two cats and a parrot seized, with some of the animals in better condition that others, but some requiring “pretty drastic veterinary care.” Police say the home is owned by 36-year-old Jennifer Wood, who owns an animal shelter in nearby Hiawatha where several dogs and cats were found last week in allegedly unsanitary conditions.

Police say they are waiting for an assessment of the animals seized in Cedar Rapids before deciding if any charges will be filed. Webber said the Cedar Rapids shelter had to be closed down through the weekend to deal with the animals. Webber says a normal intake of dogs is six to 10 during a busy summer week.

 “But 32 in one night, that’s really strapping the resources of our facility, but we’ll get through it,” Webber said. Webber says people sometimes mean well, but get in over their heads with animals. “Often time people do want to do the best thing for the animals, they want to save the animals, so they take in more than they can handle,” Webber says, “they become overwhelmed and sometimes they can’t even see for themselves that they need help and they have far too many.”

Webber says you need to consider all the costs and time it will take to take care of any pet. She says taking on another living creature, especially one that depends solely on you for its welfare, is something you need to think about before adopting or purchasing a pet on-line.

 Webber says some people are able to take care of numerous animals, but they realize the cost and time commitment involved.