Today marks the third annual “Aaron Eilerts Day of Service and Giving” in Iowa. The day honors the Boy Scout from Eagle Grove who volunteered his time in numerous projects in his community. Eilerts and three other Scouts died in June of 2008 when a tornado hit the Little Sioux Boy Scout Camp in Harrison County.

The event included the National 911 Flag that flew above the wreckage at Ground Zero in New York after the 2001 terrorist attacks. Aaron’s mother, Carol Eilerts, paid tribute to her son at today’s ceremony. She says Aaron enjoyed making people feel good about themselves and would not judge people, but would accept them for their gifts and their faults.

Eilerts told the crowd they should take time to think about others. Eilerts says we sometimes get caught up in the daily routines of school and jobs and “we forget to love.” She says the greatest gift we can give to others and ourselves is to love and care about the people around us.

Students in Eagle Grove are working in numerous volunteer projects today including Pillowcases for Patients and Soldiers, Meals in a Box, Bird Feeders, Cards for Injured Soldiers.

By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City