Iowa State Fair officials found an unwanted surprise as they prepared for warmer weather. Fair spokesperson Lori Chappell says they were preparing the campgrounds for their mid-April opening and discovered around 400 faucets were missing, and their value is approximately $12,000.

Chappell says the faucets that were taken are the freestanding faucets that campers hook up to in the campgrounds. She says the theft is an unwanted addition to the work at the campgrounds. Chappell says replacing the faucets is the last thing they expected to have to do while completing all the other tasks on their list.

The faucets were likely stolen so the thieves could sell them for scrap metal. Chappell is asking the public to report anything they hear about the thefts. She says they are working with Des Moines police and ask anyone with information to contact police as well.

Chappell says they still plan to open the campgrounds on time.