Many Iowans were perturbed at having to wipe snow off their cars and sidewalks in the freezing cold a few days ago, since spring is already here. Still, state climatologist Harry Hillaker says all of the frigid weather we’ve had lately balanced out the numerous warm days we had during March, and the month wrapped up with an average statewide temperature right at normal.

“On the precipitation end of things, the state as a whole averaged about an inch and a half of rainfall during the month, that’s about 7/10ths of an inch less than usual,” Hillaker says. “That’s not exceptionally on the dry side but a bit so.” While most of Iowa was drier than normal for the month, far northeast Iowa got drenched and was the only area above-normal for precip. He says the month of April may be bringing Iowa more of the same weather we’ve been seeing.

“The National Weather Service 30-day outlook for April is favoring cooler and wetter-than-usual weather for the state of Iowa,” Hillaker says. “It has cooler and wetter weather expected basically over the northern third to one-half of the United States.”

The La Nina weather pattern is also likely to bring warmer-than-normal weather for the southern states, which Hillaker says could set the Midwest up for more severe weather where the warmer and colder air collide.

By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City