An elderly western Iowa woman died over the weekend after she was hit by a car while sitting in a nursing home dining room. At around 3:45 Thursday afternoon, 85-year-old Loys Rowen of Denison was traveling to see his wife at the Eventide Nursing Home.

Rowen apparently suffered from a medical condition, which caused him to jump the curb crash into and drive through the dining room of the nursing home.

The vehicle struck 91-year-old Ruth Tech of Denison who was in a wheelchair drinking coffee in that area. Tech and Rowen were transported to Crawford County Memorial Hospital as a result of their injuries. Tech died Saturday on her 92nd birthday. Rowen was treated and was released to the Eventide nursing home to recover from his injuries.

Approximately $30,000 of damage was done to the Eventide facility. No charges have been filed as a result of the accident.

By Michael Earl, KDSN, Denison