Iowa Congressman Bruce Braley, a Democrat from Waterloo, is blasting the House Republican budget proposal. Braley says fixing the economy is about “shared responsibility,” which includes shared sacrifice.

But Braley says the budget includes no sharing, “Iowans and other middle class people are being told to bear the whole burden while Wall Street pays nothing. There’s nothing shared or responsible about that.” Braley says it takes work to go through the budget line-by-line to find savings, but he says that’s not what is happening.

“What this Republican budget proposal does is simply eliminate entire programs, without looking at the consequences,”Braley says. The government could shut down if congress fails to come up with a budget. Braley, told reporters today he is not optimistic that they can avoid a shutdown, as he says the Republican House Speaker has moved the savings target.

Braley says it seems “extremely unlikely” that if the Republican leader “continues to move the ball” that they will be able to pass a budget that the House and Senate can agree to and that will survive a presidential veto. But Braley says things do change quickly in Washington.

Braley sounded a doomsday message, saying there are many government operations that would grind to a halt if they don’t get a budget passed.