Governor Terry Branstad has followed up on a vow he made to legislators and vetoed two funding items. Branstad vetoed a portion of a bill that would have given him the authority to transfer state funds to cover unpaid bills for lawyers who provide services to the poor.

Branstad had called on the legislature to appropriate nearly $19-million to take care of the bills, but legislators have been deadlocked on the bill approving the money. The ended up with the bill giving the governor the transfer authority to cover the costs.

Branstad also vetoed a transportation funding bill because it is for only one year. Branstad campaigned on the plan to pass two-year budgets, saying they are needed to get the state’s budget in order. The Iowa House did approve a two-year transportation budget, but the Senate took out the second year.

Branstad has promised to continue vetoing the budget bills unless they are for two years.

 Branstad said in his veto message the “Iowans have every right to demand the governor and General Assembly restore the sound budgeting practices and long-range planning tools that are necessary to ensure predictability and stability in state budgeting and I will continue to work with the General Assembly to make this a reality before adjourning for the year.”

Representative Tyler Olson, a Democrat from Cedar Rapids and the ranking member of the appropriations committee issued this statement on the governor’s veto:
“Two year budgeting is not fiscally responsible. Without any revenue estimates from the non-partisan budget experts, Republicans are simply making up numbers. Since House Republicans have already committed to changing the 2013 budget next session, two year budgeting is simply a political gimmick. Instead of smoke and mirrors, Iowans deserve a budget that meets our priorities in education and job creation.”