April 15th is Friday, what’s usually the federal tax deadline day, but not this year. Internal Revenue Service spokesman Michael Devine explains why there was a change this time around, for Iowans and everyone else.

The District of Columbia is celebrating Emancipation Day on April 15th, making that day a holiday and making it so the IRS can’t collect taxes that day, so the date federal tax returns are due is now Monday, April 18th. Devine says it’s no reason for anyone in Iowa to procrastinate.

“We suggest everybody, even though you’ve got an extra weekend, don’t wait, go ahead and get your taxes done and get them in,” he says. “If you’re going to get a refund, why wait to get that?” Devine suggests e-filing over paper filing, for the ease of filing and to more quickly receive any refund that’s due.

He says the e-filing program will do all of the math correctly with no mistakes and then the return can just be zapped off, paperlessly. If you choose direct deposit, you can usually receive your refund in less than ten days, while it may take four-to-six weeks if you file a paper return.