A recent change in the state tax law may make it worth your while to take a second look at your 2010 Iowa income tax filing. Revenue Department spokesman, Roger Stirler, says the bill was signed into law on April 12th.

Stirler says the changes are all additional deductions or credits that you could take on your tax return. He says they are things like a $250 deduction for educators for expenses, there’s a tuition and fees deduction for higher education and a change in the earned income tax credit.

Stirler says the law does away with differences in what’s allow in state and federal law. He says the changes are designed to couple the Iowa law with the I.R.S. so the deductions are the same for the state and federal tax returns. Stirler says it’s possible you may be due some more money from the state.

Stirler says you may want to find an amended return if you take a look and find you would have qualified for any of the items in the changes. You can find all the changes on the Department of Revenue’s website where they have a link that shows all the changes from the bill.

The state website can be found at: www.iowa.gov/tax.