Republican Governor Republican Governor Branstad says his demand for a two-year state budget is “not negotiable.” 

“I feel very strongly and I think the people of Iowa elected me to restore financial stability and a two-year budget and five-year projections are part of that,” Branstad says. 

Branstad, a four-term governor in the 1980s and ’90s, was elected to a fifth term as governor last fall. Democrats suggest Branstad’s making a “power grab” and it will be difficult to make adjustments in the spending plan next year.  Branstad says he’s unwilling to give Democrats something in return if they agree to a two-year budget

“My position on a biennial budget is a position based on the committment I made to the people of Iowa and it’s not negotiable,” Branstad says. “I will work with them and look at all issues on their merits.  That’s the way I’ve always done things. I’m not going to make a deal one for another.”

Branstad last week vetoed a bill which outlined just one year’s worth of spending for the state’s transportation system.

(This story was updated at 10:36 a.m.)