The Iowa Wesleyan baseball team is closing in on the Midwest Collegiate Conference regular season championship. The Tigers lead the race by a game and a half with four games to play after a Tuesday victory over Waldorf.

Iowa Wesleyan coach Brett Monaghan says they have some things to do to close out the tight race, but he would take some help from others if they beat teams in the race. Monaghan says there are a number of teams jockeying for position as the regular season comes to a close. He says 6 of the 9 teams are pushing for one of the 5 spots in the tournament. He likes having some pressure going into the tournament, as he says it will help them play well.

Winning the regular season title would give the Tigers the top seed in the five-team MCC Tournament. Monaghan says the number one seed gets a bye and then plays a team that has already played one game and used one of their pitchers already. He says that gives the top seed a pitching advantage.

Monaghan says a tough pre-conference schedule has helped the Tigers who stood 15-15 heading into the start of the league race. He says there are a number of schools they have played in the top 25, and he says some of the players had a hard time figuring out what he was doing with the schedule. But he says the veterans understood the importance of the tough schedule.

The Tigers are 16-6 in the MCC and will return to action on Thursday with a visit to Clarke.