Female boxer dog found near Maxwell

Authorities are asking for the public’s help in finding the person responsible for dumping two dogs in their cages in a ditch in central Iowa. The abused boxer dogs were discovered Monday along a gravel road northwest of Maxwell.

Story County Animal Control Director Sue McCaskey says the dogs are barely able to walk because they were so malnourished. “There’s a male and female. They should weigh 55 to 75 pounds, but they are weighing about 20 pounds. So, they are grossly underweight,” McCaskey said.

The Story County Sheriff’s office is investigating the case as a crime.

McCaskey is hoping someone will call and provide information that leads to an arrest. “Anybody who knows about this is not doing anyone any favors by not coming forward because this will happen again to another animal,” McCaskey said. “We just want to make sure whoever did this is brought to justice so this does not happen again.”

Tire tracks and empty beverage containers were also found at the scene. A reward for information leading to an arrest has grown to $800.

McCaskey believes the boxers will recover. “It’s going to a slow process. This isn’t a result of short term neglect. This is something these poor animals have endured over a period of time,” McCaskey said.

If you have information on the case, call Story County Animal Control at 515-382-3338.