The Cedar Rapids police officer who was caught sleeping on the job has been disciplined. The officer is not being publicly identified and he is not being fired.

Cedar Rapids police spokesperson Sergeant Cristy Hamblin says the officer admitted to dozing off in his squad car on the morning of May 10, but she’s not releasing details on the type of discipline the officer received.

Hamblin told Radio Iowa, “it’s been handled internally and hopefully, no pun intended, we can put this thing to bed.” A Cedar Rapids resident, who asked to remain anonymous, snapped a photo of the sleeping officer.

A friend then emailed the picture to the police department and the media. Hamblin says the department’s biggest concern is the officer’s safety. “You’re in a vulnerable position if you fall asleep,” Hamblin said. She added, while the officer was in the wrong, anyone who has worked irregular hours or altered their sleep pattern understands how it can be difficult to stay awake.