Some residents of northwest Iowa are preparing for the worst flooding along the Missouri River in nearly 60 years. The Army Corps of Engineers plans to relieve pressure on reservoirs swollen by heavy rains and winter storm melt from Montana and the Dakotas.

The Missouri River is forecast to crest about five feet above flood stage in Sioux City, where Mayor Mike Hobart says they’re working closely with their colleagues across the river.

“We have individuals from city staff in Sioux City over helping in Dakota Dunes (South Dakota) and we’re working the best we can with South Sioux City (Nebraska),” Hobart said. “Obviously, everybody is very busy right now, so it’s hard to keep track of everyone, but the whole community is pulling together and we expect we’ll weather the storm.”

In Dakota Dunes, many of the town’s 2,500 residents are preparing for evacuations. In Sioux City, Chris Larson Park, the Anderson Dance Pavilion and a nearby Flight 232 Memorial have already been closed. Mayor Hobart expects other facilities will be shut down as the waters rise over the next week to 10 days.

Those facilities include a welcome center, the Hilton Garden Inn and Bev’s on the River and the Argosy Casino. Hobart also expects a few businesses will be flooded in the South Bridgeport Industrial Area and flooded basements in downtown Sioux City. Volunteers will gather outside the Longlines Family Center, from 6 to 9 tonight, for a “Sand Bag Jam.”

Organizers have set a goal of making 15,000 sandbags.