Sioux City officials say rumors have been circulating that animals that are being evacuated from homes due to the flooding are being euthanized. Sioux City Animal Adoption and Rescue center operator, Cindy Rarrat, says the rumors are “absolutely false.”

She says they have not seen any influx of animals at the facility and they have made plans to handle the animals. Rarrat says they have put together an animal task force to go out and rescue animals, and are working with Homeland Security’s mobile animal unit. Rarrat says they will try to handle any displace animals.

Rarrat says their main focus is the wildlife, strays and animals that are just roaming around on the streets. She says though, they are open to suggestions and will do their best to accommodate the needs of the public. Rarrat says so far, roughly 50 pets have been displaced by the flood and they expect 40 more to be brought to the shelter.

By Josie Cooper, KSCJ, Sioux City