The roar of big engines will echo across Little Wall Lake in north-central Iowa’s Hamilton County today as speed boat racing gets underway. County conservation director Brian Lammers says the racing is expected to draw several thousand spectators and will follow a parade through the town of Jewell this morning.

Lammers says some of the boats that will be featured in the parade are the same ones that will be racing on the lake. Test runs start around 9 A.M. while the racing will begin at noon. He expects the races to draw crowds from all across Iowa and several surrounding states, as it’s been some time since this event was held in Hamilton County.

Little Wall Lake last hosted the races in 1998 and while the boats are a little smaller in class this year, he says “there’s still an awful lot of speed on that water.” Lammers says a host of other activities will surround the drag boat racing.

There will be a classic car show, live music, food, a street dance, fireworks and a beer garden. Learn more at the Upper Midwest Power Boat Association website:

By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City