A farmer from the northeast Iowa town of Floyd has been elected to lead the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA). When she takes over the post of NCGA president in October of 2012, Pam Johnson will become the first woman to lead the 15-member organization.

“That means a lot to me because I have two young daughter-in-laws and I know there are a lot of farm women out there who work hard behind the scenes,” Johnson said. “So, it’s an honor to be elected, but it’s an honor to be elected as the first woman also.”

Johnson admits her job will be difficult considering the tight budget situation in Washington, D.C. “My goal is to prioritize and convey the message about what the federal government should be making investments in for the long term health of our nation and health of agriculture,” Johnson said. “The U.S. farmer needs the ability to participate in – not only growing food – but helping to supply the energy needs of our country.”

The ethanol industry suffered a setback this week when the U.S. Senate voted to cut off the federal subsidy for the corn-based fuel. Johnson calls it a “knee-jerk reaction.” “It’s paramount for our government to have an energy policy that is long term and takes advantage of what we can produce here in the United States, responsibly and sustainably, to add to the fuel supply,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s election is scheduled for a ratification vote by delegates at the July 13 Corn Congress meeting in Washington, D.C.