Former New York Governor George Pataki was in Iowa today to give about 20 Iowans a preview of a commercial that will begin running Tuesday on Iowa cable TV systems.  Pataki’s new group, called “No American Debt”, is airing the ad to call attention to the ballooning national debt.   

“This is the first time we’re stealing from tomorrow to live beyond our means today and it’s not what America’s about,” Pataki said. “And it’s got to stop.” 

Pataki, a Republican, began laying some groundwork in Iowa in 2006, but decided against running for president in 2008.  Pataki told the small group gathered at an Urbandale restaurant that he was not running for president “now” and Pataki later told reporters that if he decides to run in the future, he would compete in Iowa.

“This is the way politics should be done,” Pataki said. “Not where you buy as many commercials with 30-second solutions to very difficult problems as possible, but where you sit across a table and answer people’s questions.” 

The 30-second television ad from Pataki’s anti-debt group will be seen in Iowa on FOX television programs for the next week.