It was one year ago that Bellevue’s Heritage Days parade turned tragic. One woman was killed and more than 20 people were injured, when horses broke loose and trampled the crowd during the parade. Bellevue Mayor, Virgil Murray, says the injured for the most part have recovered.

Most of the victims to my knowledge are doing very well,” Murray says, “There are a few I don’t have many details on. For those I haven’t spoken with or know about, the city wants to extend any kind of caring or feeling if they’re still having some difficulty.” A fund set up to help injured victims and improve safety received more than 270-thousand dollars in donations.

“Since we did have this money, we tried to do things that made sense that would make a parade even safer, even though we did consider it safe,” Murray said. Some of the precautions include providing more emergency personnel at parades and tossing candy from the side of the road, instead of the middle.

 This year’s parade was held Sunday in Bellevue.