The superintendent of the Iowa Braille and Sightsaving School in Vinton gave the Board of Regents an update Tuesday on the storm damage to the school’s campus. Superintendent Patrick Clancy spoke to the regents via telephone.

He says the worst of the damage is to the Old Main building as the roof was blown off the building with just some roof structure remaining in the middle of the building. Clancy says all of the other buildings were damaged, but only one other suffered severe damage, the Cottage building, which is leased to Americorps.

Clancy says the trees on campus were destroyed. “The ground are substantially different than they were before,” Clancy says. He says they lost 100 or more trees, with some still standing, but their branches ripped off and they will have to be cut down.

Clancy says the power is out and will likely not be restored yet this week. He says the University of Iowa has brought in some generators to help power a few of the buildings.