A 42-year-old southeast Iowa man charged with theft and criminal conduct in connection with the Iowa Film Office scandal has plead guilty to an aggravated misdemeanor. 

Bruce Elgin of Washington, Iowa, was accused of three felonies, including first degree theft. According to a state audit, Elgin applied for state tax credits for two films, but auditors found more than $7.8 million in expenses did not qualify for the credit.

The state’s attorney general this morning announced Elgin has pled guilty to “tampering with records” which is an aggravated misdeamnor and he’s agreed to cooperate with investigators and prosecutors who are working on four other cases related to the scandal surrounding state tax credits for film and television productions.  

The former director of the Iowa Film Office is scheduled to go on trial in mid-August. Four other people who had been charged in connection with the scandal have agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.