Any of the 70,000-plus couples who’ve been married at the famed Little Brown Church near Nashua in northeast Iowa are welcome to return this weekend for the 59th annual Wedding Reunion.

Reverend Jim Mann says he expects a great turnout. The reunion is on Sunday with registration at 9 AM, a sing-along at 10:15 and a worship service at 10:30.

During the service, all of the couple will stand and renew their marriage vows, followed by a luncheon and entertainment. There are other events planned today, including a talent show.

Reverend Mann says the events are open to all, even folks who didn’t tie the knot there. Everyone is welcome, even if you didn’t get married at the church. He says, “We just want to celebrate marriage and recognize that marriages can last and there’s some good benefits because of it.”

Mann says the church has held a large number of weddings through the years.

Last Saturday’s wedding was #73,374. During 1940 alone, there were more than 1,550 weddings held in the small chapel.

He says people constantly return to the church, even those who were married there 60 and 70 years ago. Last year’s Wedding Reunion attracted some 300 people to the Nashua church, which is named after a famous hymn.

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Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City