Several state lawmakers are heading home to Iowa from Texas after taking part in this week’s National Conference of State Legislatures. Representative Annette Sweeney, a Republican from Alden, is part of the group returning from the international conference in San Antonio.

“I have met people from Ghana. I have met people from Tanzania, Canada,” Sweeney says. “It’s a worldwide conference for us to be able to get together with other legislators to find out concerns in states and other countries and solutions other states and countries have encountered.”

Sweeney says a variety of issues were explored during the conference, issues important to Iowa. “People are understanding that agriculture does drive the United States and in Iowa, it’s a $77-billion dollar business,” she says. “From agriculture with the rural areas, it’s also tied in to education.”

Sweeney hopes to share ideas with her fellow state lawmakers when the Iowa Legislature reconvenes in January. Learn more about the conference at ““.

By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City