Iowa’s governor — a graduate of the University of Iowa — is apparently not a fan of the new “Cy-Hawk” trophy that’s given to the school that wins the Iowa/Iowa State football game.

The Iowa Corn Growers unveiled the trophy at the State Fair last week.  The previous trophy featured a football player in a “stiff-arm” pose and a golden football. The Corn Growers have created a trophy depicting a farm family surrounding a bushel of corn.

This morning, during his weekly statehouse news conference, Governor Branstad was asked if the new “Cy-Hawk” trophy got his “thumbs up” and he appeared to give it a thumbs down instead.

“Oh, I think they can do better,” Branstad said, laughin. “…I’m sure they’re going to take another look at that.” 

There is already a “HATE THE NEW CY-HAWK TROPHY” page on Facebook and an ESPN commentator has named it the “worst trophy in sports.” The Corn Growers call the new trophy a “work of art” representing “hard-working” Iowans.