Cornell football coach Vince Brautigam knows there will not be a “quick fix” but he does expect the Rams to make strides this season. Cornell failed to post a victory in ten games in his first season as head coach.

Brautigam says he has been through this twice before and this year he looks for more consistency as they have more players battling for positions. He says they expect the team to improve every year.

A place to start is turnovers. The Rams were a minus-24 in that category in 2010. He says that and big plays given up by the defense were the reasons they lost the games they lost.

Brautigam says this team has more talent but the players need to learn how to win. He says it’s a mentality of going from “I think I can to I know I can.” He says once they get thinking that way, then the wins will come.

This is Cornell’s final year in the Iowa Conference as they get set to move to the Midwest Conference. Brautigam says the change in leagues has not been a focus of his team. He says teams are just a name and he says you have to play the teams that are there. Brautigam says they hate to leave this league but are excited to join a new one.

The Rams open September third with a visit to Olivet of Michigan.