After negative reaction to a new “Cy-Hawk” trophy for the annual Iowa/Iowa State football game, officials with the Iowa Corn Growers Association have just announced they will be changing the trophy. Craig Floss, CEO of Iowa Corn, says fans will help decide the new design.

Last Thursday, the Corn Growers unveiled a new Cy-Hawk trophy featuring a farm family surrounding a bushel of corn. On Monday, Governor Branstad joined the growing chorus of complaints, saying the Corn Growner could “do better” and should “take another look” at the trophy’s design.

A “HATE THE NEW CY-HAWK TROPHY” page popped up on Facebook, attracting hundreds of followers or “friends” and an E-S-P-N commentator named the depiction of the farm family the “worst trophy in sports.” The Corn Growers, when unveiling the new design of the trophy last Thursday, called it a “work of art” that was a fitting tribute to “hard-working” Iowans.