Another levee breach is reported along the flooding Missouri River in southwest Iowa. Mills County Emergency Management authorities have announced a 30-foot breach in the south berm of St. Mary’s Drainage District located south of Allis Road and west of 182nd Street in northwestern Mills County.

On Tuesday afternoon, a 30-foot section of the berm gave way due to saturation from ongoing flooding and recent heavy rains. Yesterday, 182nd Street and Gaston Avenue were closed due to fast-moving water over the roads. Residents in the area were contacted and advised to make preparations to evacuate.

Mills County Emergency Management Coordinator Larry Hurst says this breach is not a part of the main Missouri River levee system. Hurst says levee district personnel and the National Guard continue to patrol the main levee to assure its integrity and there are no active repair projects underway at this time.

By Mike Peterson, KMA, Shenandoah