The Iowa Lottery is set to launch a football-themed promotion with the University of Iowa, U.N.I. and Iowa State. The “Great State Tailgate” promotion will begin Monday with the sale of $2 scratch tickets. Lottery spokesperson Mary Neubauer says she understands that some Iowans might have concerns with an organization that promotes gambling partnering with the state’s universities.

But, Neubauer claims the deal is also about promoting Iowa tourism. “Yes, we’re a lottery and a gambling organization – but, we’ve chosen to harness the power of our marketing dollars to support a lot of great causes here in the state, be it tourism, veterans or education,” Neubauer said. “Fall football is one of the best tourism attractions that we have.”

The promotion comes four years after the Lottery and the University of Iowa ended a sponsorship deal amid concerns about the use of the Iowa Fight Song in a commercial. “We may not all agree on whether or not the Lottery should be doing a particular kind of promotion…I respect people’s opinions out there, but I think this promotion can accomplish a lot of good here in Iowa,” Neubauer said.

The new promotion will allow players to enter a drawing for a decked-out tailgate trailer with a value of $22,000. The trailer includes a big screen television, a home theater system, a gas grill and a portable generator.

The Lottery will have the trailer on display at Iowa, I.S.U. and U.N.I. games throughout the season. The trailer and five cash prizes of $1,000 will be given away in December. The winner of the trailer will also be able to customize the artwork on the outside.