Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann suggests President Obama fears the message she and the rest of the GOP candidates will deliver at a debate next week in California. 

Bachmann spoke to a small crowd in a Des Moines park earlier this evening, telling the group Obama was showing his “insecurity” by trying to schedule an address to the nation on September 7.  That’s the same night as the Republican candidate debate at the Reagan Library in California. According to Bachmann, Obama either wants to distract the American people or he doesn’t want the American people to hear the Republican candidates critique Obama’s job creation record.

“He hasn’t exactly delivered on his promises for jobs. Is that an understatement?” Bachmann asked the crowd, which let out a sort of collective grumble before she answered her own question with: “I think so.” 

A White House spokesman said the timing for the president’s speech was “coincidental” and he suggested the Republican candidates might like the opportunity, during their debate, to respond to Obama”s new plan.

Tonight in Des Moines, Bachmann told the crowd she had spent the day in Iowa meeting with “job creators”, but the evening “Tea Party Express” was the only public event on her schedule. Bachmann spoke for a few minutes and then talked with people at the rally for about 10 minutes, but two musical acts followed her on stage and their singing drowned out most of the conversation. A few reporters tried to speak with Bachmann as she made her way to the campaign’s bus, but the candidate boarded the vehicle and departed for the airport without answering questions.