Iowa State University is reporting record fall enrollment, while enrollment at the Universities of Iowa and Northern Iowa held steady. I.S.U. admissions director Marc Harding says nearly 30,000 students are on the Ames campus this fall.

Enrollment increased 4.2% over the previous record set last year. The official number of 29,887 students marks five consecutive years of growth at I.S.U. Iowa State attracted its largest freshman class ever with 5,048 students.

“The record prior to this was 2001 when we enrolled 4,654,” Harding said. “So we have blown that record totally away.” Just over 3,100 of the I.S.U. freshman, or 61.5%, are from the state of Iowa. Harding says the record enrollment hasn’t caused any problems in terms of housing.

“We have one of the larger residence hall systems in the country,” Harding said. The University of Iowa enrolled 4,565 first-time freshman this fall, just 8 more than last year. The total enrollment at the U-of-I is 30,893. That compares to 30,825 in fall 2010.

Officials on the Iowa City campus note the “flat” numbers come one year after the U-of-I met a five-year enrollment goal four years ahead of schedule. The University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls enrolled 13,168 students, a decrease of 33 students from last year. All three schools reported increases in the number of out-of-state and minority students.

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