Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds announced a program Monday that is designed to help students get a better handle on their finances. Reynolds says for the first time student loan debt has surpassed credit card debt. She says Iowa students have an average college debt of almost $29,000, which is the fourth highest in the nation.

Reynolds says the program available through the Iowa College Student Aid Commission, allows students to go on-line and use it for free.

She says the tool called the “Buttonwood” platform includes a “compressed and sophisticated new media presentation of key financial concepts, plus an interactive, highly customized model that provides an experienced, tailored fit to each individual.”

Reynolds says anyone attending an Iowa college or university can use the program. Reynolds says it is available through She says the “I have a plan” website is a free resource which allows all Iowans of all ages “to investigate career opportunities to explore education options and to learn how to use education to meet career goals and to find employment opportunities in Iowa.”

For more information, contact the Iowa College Student Aid Commission.