The Iowa Department of Transportation has made some changes to the traffic cameras and speed sensor information it provides on its website. Spokesperson, Sinclair Stolle, says they’ve integrated all that information into one site.

Stolle says they’ve been in the process of migrating the streaming video to the main 5-1-1 website and have added the eastern Iowa cameras onto that site along with the streaming video. The eastern Iowa cameras used to be on a different site. Stolle says you can now get on-line and see how fast traffic is moving and also see that via the cameras in a better format.

She says the links on the site will show you the speed sensors and cameras only, but you can click and pull up other links such as road closures. Stolle says these cameras are to help you navigate the busy highways and should not be confused with the local government cameras used to enforce traffic laws.

“These are purely for just monitoring traffic, this does not have anything to do with law enforcement at all,” Stolle says. Stolle says the information has become a “must have” for people as they travel, and they’ve tried to accommodate all the various devices people use.

She says they have three different formats to try an accommodate the various interned connections and devices, from a full feature website with good bandwidth and a streamline site that has a simple static map. Stolle says the traffic cameras and speed sensors are a popular part of their traffic information.

Stolle says they had about 6 million web visits to the 5-1-1 sites in 2010 and so far this year they’ve had a little over 3 million. You can access all the information at: