The fifth annual “Iowa Women and Money Conference” is this Saturday in Des Moines. The conference is sponsored by the State Treasurer’s Office, and Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald says it provides advice on a variety of money issues. “Whether it’s their budget, buying insurance, dealing with bad credit, you name it…it’s to help people to get ahold of their money, what they have and manage it the best they can,” Fitzgerald says.

Fitzgerald says the conference has focused on women because of some of the financial challenges they face. He says women have different problems, such as living longer than men and needing to stretch their money, and he says on average women get paid less than men. Fitzgerald says the conference is not restricted to women, and men can attend too.

The down economy has presented more challenges for everyone when it comes to handling money. Fitzgerald says there are a lot of questions today about investing money with interest rates so low and the stock market being so volatile. He says there are other challenges too.

Fitzgerald says identity theft is a big problem people face and it can ruin your credit, and he says you have to know how much money you have and how to manage and protect it. This year’s keynote speaker is Certified Financial Planner and financial educator Dee Lee.

 The conference at the Polk County Convention Center is free and there is also a free lunch and breakfast. You can register on-line at: