Investigators say it’ll be several days before they know the cause of this morning’s crash near Charles City that killed two people. State troopers say a car that was going the wrong way on the Avenue of the Saints collided head-on with a semi.

Both drivers were killed and the truck rolled and burst into flames. Trooper Mark Domino says it’s unclear if alcohol may’ve been a factor in the accident.

“The technical investigator with the Iowa State Patrol will do his investigation and it’ll be a week or so before we find out as far as chemical testing on anybody,” Domino says. “With the fire, it’s a little bit more difficult with the bodies involved.” The driver of the 1993 Toyota Camry is identified as 35-year-old Erin Heffron of Rudd.

The driver of the 2000 Kenworth semi was 71-year-old Malcolm Davis of Wautoma, Wisconsin. Trooper Domino says the investigation into why Heffron was traveling the wrong way on the highway is still underway. He says he responds to numerous reports of travelers on that road who are going in the wrong direction.

“The only thing that people have to be more cognizant of on the Avenue of the Saints is to make sure you’re going the right way,” he says. “Pay attention to the signs.” Domino says a committee has been formed to look at ways to make four-lane highways in Iowa safer, which includes making it harder for travelers to go in the wrong direction.

By Chris Berg, KCHA, Charles City