They are separated by less than 20 miles and they will meet tonight in Malvern with district eight title in eight man up for grabs as fifth ranked East Mills hosts third rated Fremont-Mills.

Fremont-Mills coach Jeremy Christiansen says they look at it as a playoff game. The game will match East Mills’ passing attack which has generated more than 2,300 yards against Fremont-Mills’ power running attack. Christiansen says the game will be decided by which defense plays the best.

He says they run a lot of misdirection on offense while East Mills runs a screen game, so he says it will come down to who is the most disciplined on defense. Christiansen says they need to prevent East Mills from making a short pass into a big gain. He says they can turn a 3 yard pass into a 60-yard touchdown in a hurry.

East Mills coach Kevin Schafer says no matter what the outcome of tonight’s game they will need to bounce back in as hurry for the start of the playoffs. He wishes they could have played the game earlier to give them more time to turn around and prepare for the playoffs Wednesday.

Schafer says his team will need to match the physical challenge that Fremont-Mills provides. He says he’d be surprised if they don’t come out and try to pound the ball at them. Schafer says all of their backs are good and a simple play can easily turn into a touchdown.

Schafer says a key will be making sure they have enough time to throw the ball as he says Fremont-Mills creates problems and you have to do some double teaming, so you can’t send all four guys out on a pass.