Republican candidate Michele Bachmann seems to be embracing a more substantial tax policy change than she originally proposed, something similar to what rival Rick Perry is expected to formally unveil Tuesday. 

Texas Governor Rick Perry plans to propose a so-called “flat tax” — replacing the current tax code with one income tax rate. Earlier this month Bachmann said she wanted to dramatically adjust the tax code so it reflects the income tax rates that were in effect during Ronald Reagan’s presidency. But on Saturday night, Bachmann seemed to call for something more radical.

“I will abolish the United States Federal Tax Code and have a flatter, simpler, fairer income tax,” Bachmann said.

Bachmann made her comments during a speech at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition’s fall fundraiser in Des Moines.

Bachmann has previously pledged to shut down the Department of Education and close the Environmental Protection Agency. She added three more agencies to her target list Saturday night.

“I will shut down the Department of Education. I will shut down the EPA. I will shut down the Department Energy. I will shut down the Department of Interior. I will shut down the Department of Commerce,” Bachmann said. “We have got to decide once and for all the federal government gets practically nothing right. Shut it down. Send it back to the states. We can do this.”

Last Monday, Bachmann competitor Ron Paul unveiled a $1 trillion budget-cutting plan which called for closing down five federal agencies as well.