Federal officials are giving the State of Iowa a one-million dollar grant to help promote so-called “green” energy. Governor Branstad says the money will help spur start-ups in the industry.

“Historically Iowa has not been one of the leaders when it comes to start-up businesses,” Branstad says. “But I think this is an example that we’re making significant progress and we really have kind of our act together, now, to be really effective in this.”

Iowa is one of just six award winners chosen by the U.S. Commerce Department’s Economic Development Administration.

The money is going to the Ames-based “Iowa Innovation Council” which helps start-up companies. “Let’s say somebody’s got a really great idea,” Branstad says. “This is going to be able to provide some technical expertise and assistance to them to be able to move it from the idea stage, from the research, to the commercial development, where it really creates jobs and going, successful business out of it.”

Some Republicans in congress are questioning federal grants for so-called “green energy” companies, but Branstad says Iowa’s “green” energy sector is creating jobs.