Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann says President Obama and congress should immediately “cease enforcement” of the health care reform law until the Supreme Court rules whether the insurance “mandate” included in the law is constitutional.

“It’s socialized medicine and for every one of us in this room it’s going to make more expensive health care and we’re going to get less of it,” Bachmann said during a midday stop in Sioux City.

Bachmann said it is not the business of government at the state or federal level “to tell individual Americans to purchase any good or service.” The Supreme Court has agreed to consider legal challenges to the health care reform law’s requirement that individuals acquire health insurance. Bachmann called that an “important” development, but she raised some suspicions, too.

“This is very important. The Supreme Court is a very small world and the Obama Administration had urged the Supreme Court to take up the issue of ObamaCare,” Bachmann said late Monday afternoon during a news conference in Le Mars. “This tells me that there may be some background information that the White House has that there may be all five votes for the president to uphold the ObamaCare legislation.”

Bachmann made a campaign swing through northwest Iowa on Monday, with stops in Sioux City, Le Mars and Sheldon.

(Reporting in Sioux City by Woody Gottburg of KSCJ Radio; reporting in Le Mars by Dennis Morrice of KLEM Radio; editing by Radio Iowa’s O. Kay Henderson.)